What is a cookie and what is it used for?           

A cookie is a small file that is sent to the browser and saved on your device when you visit a website such as ("the site").          

Cookies allow the site to function efficiently and improve its performance, as well as providing information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize your browsing experience by remembering your preferences (for example, remembering the language and currency you have). set, to recognize you on the next visit, etc.). or more information on the data controllers of your personal data, we refer you to our Privacy Policy.    

Cookies are divided into technical cookies and profiling cookies: 
Technical cookies are those necessary for the functioning of the site and for navigation and cannot be accepted because they record session information directly on the server with the sole purpose of identifying the connected user based on the data provided by him and guarantee the functionality of the services offered.
Profiling cookies are designed to create related profiles and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the same in the context of surfing the net. is not the publisher of any profiling cookies and, therefore, acquires consent and provides information only for cookies installed by third parties, inserting any updated links to the information and consent forms of the third parties with which the publisher has stipulated agreements for the attachment of cookies through its site.

What cookies do we use and for what purposes?       

Our site uses different types of cookies and related technologies, each of which has a specific function. Below is an explanatory table.



Navigation cookies

From the first access these cookies allow the site to function properly and allow you to view the contents on your device by recognizing the language and market of the country from which you have chosen to connect. If you are a registered user, they will allow you to be recognized and to access the services offered in the dedicated areas. Navigation cookies are technical cookies and are necessary for the site to function.

Functional cookies

These cookies allow, based on your express request, to recognize you at subsequent accesses so as not to have to enter your data at each visit (for example: "Recognize me next time")                     
If you have added items to your Shopping Bag and closed the session without completing the purchase and without deleting them, these cookies allow you to continue shopping the next time you access the site (within a limited period) by finding the selected items.
Functional cookies are not essential to the functioning of the site, but they improve the quality and the browsing experience.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to process statistical analyzes on how users navigate our site. treats the results of these analyzes anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes only if the service provider uses cookies in connection with the browser used or on other devices used to navigate the site. The site uses some third party services which, in a completely independent way, install their own cookies.

First and third party marketing and profiling cookies

These cookies are designed to create user profiles in order to send commercial messages that meet the preferences expressed during the visit or to improve your browsing experience: while you browse our site these cookies are useful to show you products of your interest or similar to the ones you viewed. Third-party cookies are those sent by trusted third-party companies. These cookies allow us to offer you our commercial proposal on other affiliated websites (retargeting). On third-party cookies we have no control over the information provided by the cookie and we do not have access to such data. This information is totally controlled by third-party companies as described in their respective privacy policies.

Social Network Cookies

These cookies are necessary to allow your social account to interact with our site. They are used, for example, to let you express your appreciation and to share it with your social media friends. Social network cookies are not necessary for navigation. undertakes to maintain the secrecy of confidential information and not to disclose the information collected through technical cookies to third parties, without prior written consent, with the exception of the following.

Both parties agree that neither of them can communicate the personal data collected and transmit them to third parties except in relation to the needs deriving from the stipulated contracts, and from the consequent fulfillment of the legal and contractual obligations deriving from them, as well as to achieve an effective management of relationships commercial.

We do not disclose personal information to advertisers or third party sites that publish interest-based advertising. However, advertisers and other third parties (including advertising networks, ad-serving companies and other service providers that they may use) may assume that users who interact with or click on an advertisement or personalized content may be interested. to the same. In addition, some third parties may provide us with information about you (such as demographic information or sites on which advertisements have appeared to you) from offline and online sources, which we can use to serve you with relevant and useful advertisements.           
Third party advertisers, or advertising companies working on their behalf, use technology to display the advertisements that appear on our sites directly on your browser. When this happens, they automatically receive your IP address. They can also use cookies, Javascript, web beacons (also known as action tags or single-pixel.gif), and other technologies to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to personalize their advertising content. We do not have access to or control the cookies or other features used by advertisers and third party sites, and the practices of such advertisers and third party sites are not governed by our Privacy Policy or this Cookie page. Please read carefully the privacy policies of these third parties, to which reference will be made through the appropriate links that may be listed below.         

The data and the content of the magnetic support will be processed in written form and / or on magnetic, electronic or telematic support.        
These forecasts may be subject to modification and variation in relation to the Italian and EU regulatory changes. However, we will never substantially change our privacy policy. If, on the other hand, substantial changes are necessary, we will inform you so that you can express your consent to the changes made or not.  

By browsing the site with a browser set to accept cookies, or using the devices, mobile applications or other software, you indicate that you want to use the services of and consent to the use of cookies exemplified and other technologies necessary to view them, as described in this statement. By accepting these conditions, you accept pursuant to and for the purposes of the Cookie Law, or the provision of the Privacy Guarantor of "Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies - 8 May 2014 ", published in the Official Gazette n. 126 of 3 June 2014, that these files are installed and you consent to their use for the purposes indicated above, aware of your possibility to deny such consent.

How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?    

Most browsers are configured to accept, control or possibly disable cookies through the settings. We remind you, however, that disabling navigation or functional cookies can cause the site to malfunction and / or limit the service we offer.
Below is the path to follow to manage cookies from the following browsers: 

Internet Explorer

  •   Run the Internet Explorer Browser
  •   Click the Tools button and choose Internet Options
  •   Click on the Privacy tab and in the Settings section change the slider according to the desired action for cookies:
  1.         Block all cookies
  2.         Allow all cookies
  3.         Selection of the sites from which to obtain cookies: move the cursor to an intermediate position so as not to block or allow all cookies, then press on Sites, in the Website Address box enter a website and then press on Block or Allow

For more information, visit the page           


  •   Run the Safari Browser
  •   Click on Safari, select Preferences and click on Privacy
  •   In the Block Cookies section, specify how Safari must accept cookies from websites.
  •   o see which sites have stored cookies click on Details

For more information, visit


  •   Run the Chrome Browser
  •   Click on the menu in the browser toolbar next to the url entry window for navigation
  •   Select Settings
  •   Click Show Advanced Settings
  •   In the "Privacy" section, click on the "Content settings" button
  •   In the "Cookies" section you can change the following cookie settings:
  1.         Allow data to be saved locally
  2.         Change local data only until the browser is closed
  3.         Prevent sites from setting cookies
  4.         Block third-party cookies and site data
  5.         Handle exceptions for some internet sites
  6.         Elimination of one or all cookies

For more information, visit the

Mozilla Firefox

  •   Run the Mozilla Firefox Browser
  •   Click on the menu in the browser toolbar next to the url entry window for navigation
  •   Select Options
  •   Select the Privacy panel
  •   Click Show Advanced Settings
  •   In the "Privacy" section, click on the "Content settings" button
  •   In the "Tracking" section you can change the following cookie settings:
  1.         Ask the sites not to make any tracking
  2.         Communicate to the sites the availability to be tracked
  3.         Do not communicate any preference regarding the tracking of personal data
  4.         From the "History" section you can:
  5.         By enabling "Use custom settings" select to accept third-party cookies (always, from the most visited sites or never) and to keep them for a specified period (until they expire, when Firefox is closed or to ask every time)
  6.         Remove the individual cookies stored

For more information, visit the page    


  •   Run the Opera Browser
  •   Click on Preferences then on Advanced and finally on Cookies
  •   Select one of the following options:
  1.         Accept all cookies
  2.         Accept cookies only from the site you visit: third-party cookies that are sent from a domain other than the one you are visiting will be rejected
  3.         Never accept cookies: all cookies will never be saved

To disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your navigation, you can download the browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics:

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Owner informs that the User can use Your Online Choices. Through this service it is possible to manage the tracking preferences of most advertising tools. The Owner, therefore, advises Users to use this resource in addition to the information provided in this document. For more information on cookies and to manage your preferences on third-party profiling cookies, please visit

This page is visible through the link at the bottom of all the pages of the Site pursuant to art. 122 second paragraph of the Legislative Decree. 196/2003 and following the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies published in the Official Gazette no. 126 of June 3, 2014 and related register of measures no. 229 of 8 May 2014.